A Couple More WIP Maps

A couple more maps before breaking for Easter.

Since it’s almost the Easter weekend, I don’t anticipate getting much work done between now and at least Monday. But I want to have a least one more post before the weekend.

So here’s some more WIP versions of my Realmgard map.

Realmgard maps, featuring fancy tablecloth:

Realmgard map, featuring hastily-scrawled editorial notes:

A preliminary map of Realmgard, with hastily-added editorial notes.

Realmgard map, featuring an attempt at trying to realise those editorial notes:

A slightly different map of Realmgard, attempting to follow the advice of those editorial notes.

Also, I’m starting to realise that I really messed up calling the big forest the Midwood, given that it’s really nowhere near the middle of Realmgard.

Luckily, I think I can fix that. Basically, it needs to be less north and pulled further south. It still won’t be in the exact middle, but it will at least occupy a good chunk of the middle third or so of the landmass. Huzzah.

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