Big Plans

I thought it would be helpful to lay out my Realmgard plans for the near future. So, here they are.

Amid all the Church stuff and general busyness of the Easter weekend, I’ve got a couple hours to breathe between more Church stuff (incidentally, the most important Church stuff of the year) and busyness. So I figured I’d have the time and energy for another quick post.

I thought it would be helpful to lay out my Realmgard plans for the near future. So, here they are:

1 —Fryte’s Gold will be published on Smashwords — that’s not going to happen before the Easter long weekend is over, but shouldn’t take more than a few days. Unless something goes catastrophically wrong and the document I’m trying to upload to Smashwords needs major revisions, that won’t take more than a couple days. Ideally — again, barring an unforeseen calamities — that should be done before next weekend.

2 — I am going to begin serialising my completed stories here on my website. I’m thinking something like one chapter (or maybe “section”, given that my chapters are pretty short) a week. This means that you’ll be able to eventually read all my stories for free in their entirety on this website. Though, of course, you’re still welcome to buy them if you’d like to support me more directly.

3 —Work continues on the next Realmgard story, Charge of the Lyte Brigade, the highly-anticipated sequel to beloved classic Forward, the Lyte Brigade. Work on the first draft is going well, but it’s still too far out to begin speaking of a definitive release date. Ideally, before summer.

4 —After Charge of the Lyte Brigade is published, the three most recent Realmgard stories — The Valley of Appraisal; Forward, The Lyte Brigade; and Charge of the Lyte Brigade — will be published together in one volume like how the first three Realmgard stories were compiled as The Sisters Darkstone. Again, too early to say for certain that will happen, but it won’t be far off after Charge of the Lyte Brigade is done.

5 — My next new Realmgard story after Charge of the Lyte Brigade will not be made available for sale. It’s less ominous than it sounds, I promise. My plan to write a Realmgard story specifically to make available as a free ebook downloaded on this website as sort of like a free sample of what to expect with Realmgard. Ideally, that will be available before the end of the year.

If any of these plans change or I make any substantial additions to what I’ve got planned for 2021, I will, of course, update you. So, stay tuned and to make sure you don’t miss out on any Realmgard news, subscribe to my e-mail newsletter, follow my blog (there should be a sign-up thing at the bottom right of this page), or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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