Soon: A Better Fryte’s Gold on Amazon

The updated version of Fryte’s Gold has been submitted to Amazon.

The 2021 Cover of Fryte's Gold. A gold coin with a dolphin, waves, and nine circles on a red and black checked background with orange circles on the red squares.

Well, time has become meaningless, so I can’t actually remember whether the post where I talked about using the revised manuscript of Fryte’s Gold to get an updated version up onto Amazon was yesterday or the day beforeā€¦

Of course, when it happened isn’t really the issue, here.

The important part is that I did the very thing I promised in that post (whenever it was). The updated version of Fryte’s Gold has been submitted to Amazon. It usually takes a couple days to go live, so I’m assuming it will be available by Friday at the latest.

Actually, belay that, I think.

In the time I’ve been writing this post, the new ebook has apparently gone live on Amazon.

The significance of this is that ebooks of Fryte’s Gold are available on Smashwords (and affiliated retailers) and Amazon, and paperbacks will shortly be available on Amazon, and will likely have a strange habit or randomly popping up on other places online without rhyme or reason.

Unfortunately, the paperback versions are more expensive than I would have liked; however, I will be selling them at the lowest possible price.

In the meantime, here’s a preview. Also, Forward, the Lyte Brigade is still free on Amazon as an ebook until tomorrow.

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