Coming Soon: Realmgard Stories Online

Soon: me serialising my stories online.

An open book with a red bookmark on a table.
Photo by Wendy van Zyl on

So, I’ve mentioned at least a couple times now that one of my plans for the near future is to start serialising my Realmgard stories here on my website.

I’m finally at the point where that future is significantly nearer. My current anticipated date for starting that process is this Friday (i.e. April 30) with the first chapter of Fryte’s Gold.

The cover art of "Fryte's Gold", a gold coin on a black and red checkered background with orange circles on the red squares.

I’ll post at least one reminder this week if I decided to keep Friday as my date, or else I’ll posted an update if the plan changes.

And, in the meantime, you could always buy yourself a copy of Fryte’s Gold, or one of my other books.

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