The New Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Kat Darkstone

Freelance adventurer, full-time big sister.

That’s what big sisters are for, after all. The little sister does something crazy, and the big one makes sure she comes back home in one piece.

Age: 15
Occupation: Freelance adventurer, part-time sales associate, full-time big sister
Likes: pudding, sleep, couches, small animals
Dislikes: hassle, her middle name, mortal peril, low doorframes

Father: Admiral Dorian Darkstone (retd.)
Mother: Estelle Darkstone (née Winfield)
Sister: Captain Dunstana Darkstone

Self-conscious about: eyebrows
Tall: very
Second helpings of dinner: yes, please

By birth the eldest daughter of a famous pirate from a family of pirates, Katherine Hortensia Darkstone did not inherit her ancestors’ affinity for the sea. What she did inherit, however, is the Darkstone family’s typically prominent eyebrows.

In a perfect world, Kat would spend most of her days lounging in peace on her beloved plaid couch. In the actual world, Kat faces the reality of having a little sister pirate and a nightmare of a middle name. Nevertheless, Kat lives her life with an unshakeable sense of cautious optimism: she can only find herself facing certain doom so many times before her luck starts to turn around.

Gifted with physical prowess and towering stature from a young age, Kat has recently qualified for an Adventuring Licence from the Guild Authority of Porthaven. Currently, Kat is working as an unaffiliated freelance adventurer in and around Porthaven.

While between jobs, Kat helps out at her grandparents’ store, the Winfield and Sons Emporium, one of the most venerable establishments in Porthaven’s Outfitting District.

Much to her chagrin, Kat often finds herself being a reluctant pirate in all but name. As the big sister of one of Porthaven’s most noteworthy up-and-coming (ten-year-old) pirates, Kat often has no choice but to chase after Dunstana as she plunges headlong towards adventure trying to make a name for herself as a pirate.

Although outwardly taciturn and gruff, and fond of leisure by nature, Kat is steadfastly loyal to her friends and family and can be trusted to do the right thing, albeit while usually (and loudly) making known her objections to exertion and mortal danger. Kat also has a long-standing affection for small, cute animals, though she is not usually quick to admit this.

She is, of course, a cat person.

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