The New Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Princess Moonflower

Realmgard’s favourite magical, transforming princess.

Popular doll, popular-er magical Hero-Princess.

Princess Moonflower posing with a Princess Moonflower dolls.
The actual Princess Moonflower and one of the (many, many) dolls made in her likeness, shown to scale.
Age: 20
Occupation: Hero-Princess
Likes: love, justice, magic; love and justice being the real magic (but also actual magic being the… real magic)
Dislikes: injustice, evil sorcerers from other dimensions

Father: King Hivernus of Aurora
Mother: Queen Yrsa of Aurora
Familiar/Pet Owl: Strix

Defends: the innocent
Rights: wrongs
Idolised by: a certain tiny pirate

Adopting her heroic alias from an ancient emblem from her homeland of Aurora, Princess Moonflower is one of the most famous (and heavily-merchandised) heroes in Realmgard.

Though “Moonflower” is a nom de guerre, Princess Moonflower is a bona fide princess.

By birth the crown princess of the Kingdom of Aurora, Princess Lilia received training in both magical and martial arts from a young age in order to take up the Aurorean royal family’s long tradition of heroic errantry.

Despite her young age, Princess Moonflower has already won several decisive victories over the forces of evil threatening Realmgard.

Tales of Princess Moonflower’s exploits have spread quickly throughout Realmgard and have received an enthusiastic response from the public after being serialised in Realmgard’s most prominent newspapers and literary journals.

Similarly, many enterprising artisans on the continent have recognised the hero-princess’ popularity, applying her likeness to media including but not limited to: decorative plates, teacups, clothing, paintings, and scrimshaws.

In a brilliant move of mercantile genius, the Textile Brothers of Goldharbour, one of Realmgard’s most prominent artisanal guilds, approached the Aurorean royal family to request an official endorsement from the Kingdom to being producing dolls in Princess Moonflower’s likeness.

The Textile Brothers now hold exclusive and perpetual rights to create dolls and toys in the Princess’ likenessmaking many of Realmgard’s young girls — and a few of the odder adults — very, very happy with the sheer overawing number of variants of Princess Moonflower dolls available for purchase in Realmgard’s toy stores.

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