Reminder: New Chapter Tomorrow

New chapter tomorrow. Also, some other stuff happened.

Current state of mind, Something Like This/10:

An exhausted woman slumping back on her chair with a book over her face. Photo by cottonbro on
Photo by cottonbro on

Like I said, I’ve been doing some pro bono work for my Mom. And it’s been a real long, drawn-out thing. I mean, I’m glad to be helping, but, man, I’m exhausted and stressed out.

In fact, I was so preoccupied with doing that, that I almost forgot to get this week’s chapter of Fryte’s Gold ready for tomorrow.

The Prague Astronomical Clock: the elaborate face of a clock on an ornate medieval clock tower. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
“Tomorrow”? Clock? Time? Dates? No?
Well, I thought the symbolism was clear…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

The good news is that’s done and sent in to where it needs to be. And the other good news is that I did not, in fact, forget to get this week’s chapter of Fryte’s Gold.

I say that now, but, like, I’m going to check tomorrow and see that I didn’t click ‘Schedule’…

Anyway, Fryte’s Gold chapter four will go live tomorrow, hopefully automatically. And now that the stuff I’ve been doing for my Mom is done, I’ll have more time (and energy) to get back to work on Realmgard.

Hopefully, I’ll have at least one more post up during the weekend and get some good progress made on Charge of the Lyte Brigade.

…And that was way too long a post when all I wanted to say was “new Fryte’s Gold chapter tomorrow.”

P.S. You can catch up Fryte’s Gold by starting with chapter one here. Or you could always buy a copy here, here, or here.

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