Footnotes to a Magic Princess

Turns out there are, in fact, several kinds of actual flowers known as the “moonflower”…

No, not that magic princess

This magic princess:

Though, to be fair, that magic princess is the primary inspiration for this magic princess.

Now, the reason she’s called Princess Moonflower is because her emblem is a moon and a flower, and the name Moonflower is supposed to have connotations of “moon and flower.”

All of this is to say, upon further research, it turns out there are, in fact, several kinds of actual flowers known as the “moonflower” — most commonly the Ipomoea alba — due to the fact that they bloom at night.

To clear up any possible confusion, she’s not named for the flowers. Because 1) I only learned the flowers even existed yesterday and 2) most of the plants called moonflowers seem to be tropical plants and Princess Moonflower is from what is supposed to be the Realmgard equivalent of Canada.

Which is why, if you’re wondering, her logo doesn’t look like a real moonflower, um, flower. It’s not supposed to be one. Again, it’s a moon and a flower. Though, incidentally, if I did give her an emblem that looked like a real moonflower, it would probably end up looking like the emblem of the Akechi clan of Fedual Japan — which is a bellflower, not a moonflower.

And now you know.

And I’ve written the word “moonflower” so many times it’s lost all meaning…

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