Smashing, All Over Again

We’re a few weeks away from the next Realmgard story going live on Smashwords and right here on!

I’m a few weeks away from finishing up Fryte’s Gold, right here on

Popular Professional Wrestler Mick Foley giving an awkward thumbs-up.
Short version: “Right here, in [place]” is basically Mick Foley‘s catchphrase.
WWE RAW – January 14, 2013.

Which means I’m a few-plus-one weeks from starting with the second Realmgard story, The Treasure of Oake Island — not to be confused with the real Oak (no e) Island, whose only real treasure is being located in Canada.

Which is to say, I’m going over the Oake Island manuscript getting it Smashwords-compliant. The process is a little easier and less tedious this time around, because I can use the Fryte’s Gold manuscript as a template.

This revised version of The Treasure of Oake Island will go live on Smashwords at around the same time as I start posting chapters online. A revised Amazon version will follow.

In the meantime, why not start reading Fryte’s Gold online? Or buying your very own copy?

And, to make sure you don’t miss out on the launch of the new Treasure of Oake Island, why not sign up for Realmgard email updates?

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