Update to Technical Difficulties

Hopefully trending in the right direction. And not matter what happens, it will not affect you in any major way.

Following up to the aforementioned issues with my Facebook ads account, I’ve been able to reach out to Facebook for more information. Apparently, getting a response takes a while and has been even slower lately thanks to COVID.

I’ve also been reading up on what next steps to take, so I am cautiously optimistic about getting this sorted out relatively painlessly, if not quickly.

Fingers crossed.

It should go without saying that this isn’t a picture of me…
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

And, again, this affects nothing immediately relevant to you in any appreciable way.

It just means I can’t run Facebook ads (but nobody sees those, anyway). My Facebook page is still there, and you can still check it out and/or follow me.

And anything noteworthy I do gets posted here on my blog anyway.

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