RealmgART: A Mostly-Done Map of Realmgard

So, this map has been on the back burner since about April. Several months later, here it is.

So, this map has been on the back burner since about April, thanks to other things coming up: work, real life, other ideas popping into my head. Several months later, here it is.

As is always the case with my maps, this isn’t necessarily a geographically accurate, objective image of Realmgard.

This is essentially a depiction of the kind of maps they would actually have in Realmgard, and is therefore more or less equivalent in terms of technique, technology, and geographical knowlege to real-world maps from about 1600.

Again, the map isn’t supposed to be accurate, it’s supposed to be an abstraction and representation of the geography. In this case, the point of the map isn’t to actually navigate the Circle Sea, it’s to demonstrate the fact that there is a circular archipelago south of Realmgard. Which is why the Circle Sea is depicted as a basically perfect circle of islands rather than a geographically-plausible group of islands.

This maps still needs the major landmarks and polities marked. That’s a work in progress that I’m still nailing down.

And having a map of all of Realmgard is also helping me nail down the arrangement of the other continents on Terrace (reminder: Realmgard is this specific continent; Terrace is the entire planet). Admittedly, I’m getting a little held up on that because I can’t decide if Realmgard is the equivalent of Europe or North America.

Currently, I’m leaning towards “Western Europe plus Anglosphere.” Which is marginally helpful for laying out the rest of the world.

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