Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Gryphons

There is no f in “gryphon”.

A drawing of a gryphon, done to look like an image embossed on gold.

It remains debated by the scholars of Realmgard whether gryphons are real creatures, ancient creatures that have since become extinct, or purely mythological.

There are many stories and tall tales about encounters with the fearsome eagle-lion beasts, though there has never been a substantiated sighting recorded in Realmgard. Gryphons are generally associated more with the eastern continents of Terrace.

However, the presence of gryphons on the eastern continents — if any — remains unconfirmed by observers from Realmgard.

Whether or not gryphons are real creatures, they remain popular in art and iconography. Images of gryphons are widespread throughout Realmgard, spanning both much of the continent’s history and geographical regions.

Since gryphons are often associated in the mythology with amassing and guarding gold, precious metal jewellery and other luxury goods are often decorated with images of gryphons.

Similarly, gryphons are common in the heraldry of Realmgard, particular among those families that are fond of reminding people of their wealth.

Indeed, it is this association with wealth and treasure that led the Free City of Goldharbour to adopt the gryphon as its emblem.

The flag of Goldharbour: to gryphons on either side of a laurel wreath, with the letters G — LMV inside the wreath.
That’s G for “Goldharbour”, and L.M.V. for “Libera Mercans Urbs” — Free Mercantile City.

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