RealmgART: Realmgard’s Favourite Magical Gentleman Ghost Pirate

“He wasn’t just a pirate. He was a wizard, too.”

And now he’s a ghost…

“I just remembered something about Captain Fryte, Kat … He wasn’t just a pirate. He was a wizard, too.”

Dunstana DarkstoneFryte’s Gold, Chapter 7

You’ve probably seen a different version of this picture of Captain Fryte before.

It was, for example, the picture I used for his page in the Historie of the Pirates of Realmgard.

Basically, the difference is that this is him as a ghost, i.e. as he actually appears in Fryte’s Gold.

I needed a picture to promote some of the recent chapters and since those recent chapters heavily feature the ghost Captain Fryte, this seemed like a pretty decent choice.

Incidentally, I’m thrilled I finally found the textured brushes in Affinity Photo. I anticipate being able to do some cool stuff with them going forward.

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