Get to Know the Characters of “The Treasure of Oake Island”

Here’s your chance to get acquainted with the characters of the second Realmgard story.

Now, if you’ve missed the news, the next Realmgard story, The Treasure of Oake Island, will be going live on Smashwords on Monday (the 26th) and I’ll be posting the first chapter on Friday (the 30th), right here on!

In anticipation of that, I’ve been posting new, improved Encyclopedia Realmgardica entries for the characters who will be featuring in the new, improved 2021 release of The Treasure of Oake Island.

You know Kat and Dunstana, of course, from their adventure in Fryte’s Gold. And if you don’t, you can catch up on Fryte’s Gold here.

Here’s your chance to get (re-)acquainted with the other characters.

That’s up-and-coming pirate captain Myra on the left, child genius and University of Porthaven Assistant (to the) Professor Annie in the middle, and University of Porthaven actual Professor and Favourite Uncle Jonas on the right.

You can read all about them here: Myra, Annie, Jonas.

And watch out for the new version of The Treasure of Oake Island coming at you this week — Monday on Smashwords and the first chapter here on Friday.

An Amazon version will follow as soon as possible.

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