Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Oake Island

Highly pertinent to the events of the second Realmgard story.

Image not to scale.

The largest of the several small islands to the southeast of Porhaven’s harbour, Oake Island is nevertheless not large enough to support any permanent population, though it remains a popular destination for day trips by the people of Porthaven due to its proximity to the city and the lack of development on the island.

The island is heavily forested, though it is commonly held that there are no oak trees on Oake Island — or at least few enough of them to round down to zero. Whether this is actually true is unclear. No one has ever catalogued every tree on the island.

Unnamed, insignificant, and largely ignored for much of Porthaven’s history, the island came to be known as Oake Island thanks to the efforts of a certain Archimedes Oake, patron of the annual swimming race held on the island.

Due to the size of the winner’s purse put up for this race, in combination with the water of Porthaven’s harbour being fairly shallow and calm, the race attracts many competitors each year.

The island is also notable for the presence of the Oake Island Hornet, a large but uncharacteristically mild-mannered (so long as it is not provoked) species of hornet not believed to live anywhere but the forests of the island.

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