Virtual Book Fair (August 8-September 19)

Deals on books (including mine), plus a chance to win some free stuff!

Greetings from scenic Lyndhurst, Ontario.

I mentioned this earlier in the week, I’m currently at a cottage with my family and probably not going to get much done this week.

I also mentioned that I’d be promoting the virtual book fair I’d signed up for. Well, this is me doing that.

You can check it out here:

Now, obviously, I’d most like for you to buy a copy of Fryte’s Gold, considering that I wrote it.

As a friendly reminder: it looks like this.

But, like, I’m not the boss of you. Feel free to check out all the other books being promoted at this fair and but whatever you might think is interesting.

You can also sign up at the bottom of the Book Fair page for a chance to win some cool stuff: a Kindle Fire e-reader, a one-month subscription to Owlcrate, and a Starbucks giftcard.

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