RealmgART: The Kingdom of Gallicantu & the Duchies of the Sea

Over the centuries, the Kingdom of Gallicantu has established itself as one of the major political and military powers on the continent.

Over the centuries, the Kingdom of Gallicantu has established itself as one of the major political and military powers on the continent.

The ancestors of the Gallicantiens first rose to prominence in Realmgard during the turbulent period of the decline and fragmentation of the Elven Empire and ultimately settled in the southeast region of the continent.

A map of the continent of Realmgard.

Over time, the realms of numerous local lords began to consolidate into larger and stronger domains until what would eventually become the Kingdom of Gallicantu was ruled by a handful of power rival lords.

The unification of Gallicantu was ultimately accomplished by King Lambert, a feat which earned him various impressive titles including “the Magnificent”, “the Conqueror”, and “the Founder”.

The origin of the kingdom’s current name — meaning something like “by means of the rooster’s cry” — arises from a famous episode during his military campaigns.

Lambert’s army, led by his niece, the warrior princess Adelheid (now commonly known as “Adelaide” in the modern Gallicantien language) was alerted to the approach of an enemy force planning an ambush shortly before dawn thanks to the crowing of a startled rooster.

Adelheid was able to rouse her own army, escape the ambush, and rout the enemy as the sun rose. This subsequently allowed her uncle’s armies to win a decisive victory and take a significant step towards Lambert’s unification of the country.

Thanks to this famous incident, both the rooster and the rising sun have become longstanding emblems of the Kingdom. The image of the rising sun features prominently on the royal banner of the kings of Gallicantu.

Gallicantu proper consists of the peninsula at the southeast corner of Realmgard. The kings of Gallicantu are also nominally the sworn overlords of the island chain which comprises the Duchies of the Sea.

The Dukes ruling these islands are by law vassals of Gallicantu pledged to the ruling King, though as a matter of course they are given a high level of autonomy over their own affairs and lands.

The Duchies of the Sea extend from the coast of Gallicantu to within sight of the southern coast of Middelmere, forming the southern and eastern boundaries of the East Sea and providing both valuable trade connections and defenses from maritime raiders for the Gallicantien mainland.

Proximity with the Southern Keys and Roger Island, popular haunts for Realmgard’s pirates, has variously put the Gallicantien authorities into both conflict and cooperation with the pirates of the Little Sea. More than a few famous pirates in Realmgard’s history have hailed from the coasts of Gallicantu and the Duchies.

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