There and/or Back Again

Back from cottaging. Very little was accomplished…

A cottage in a snowy landscape at sunset.
Actual cottage may vary.
Photo by Miro Alt on

I mentioned that I’d be at away at a cottage this week — specifically, the week that ended today. Which is to say I’m back now.

And, yeah, I didn’t have a very productive week. You were warned.

Though, on the plus side, being unproductive because I was on vacation with my family (especially after basically a year or not being with my family) was a welcome change from pace from being unproductive because of “Eh, I’ll do it later.”

I’m anticipating I’ll be back to my regular pace of blogging before long and I’ll continue to work on the next Realmgard story — one the things I did manage to accomplish was sort out some of the aspects of the story I’d been having trouble. Hope to have a draft finished soon, tentatively hoping to have it ready to go around Labour Day.

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