RealmgART: Additions to a Map of Realmgard

Our first look at the world of Terrace beyond Realmgard.

A map of Realmgard, including the island of Hrimfax to the northwest and a section of the Wandering Coast to the south.

I’m mentioned before that I’ve been trying to nail down what the rest of Terrace looks like beyond Realmgard.

Well, here’s out first look at it.

That’s the Wandering Coast to the south, essentially Terrace’s equivalent of the Barbary Coast (i.e. the Maghreb, i.e. Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco-area), which become necessary upon introducing the existence of a Realmgard equivalent to Ancient Carthage and al-Andalus while discussing the history of the Sea’s Edge (Realmgard’s equivalent of Iberia).

And that’s the island of Hrimfax (a name I got from the horse ridden by the goddess of night in Norse mythology; the same godess who is also the namesake of a total babe of a Fire Emblem character), which is basically Scandinavia as a whole transposed onto Greenland and largely serves as an excuse for me to write about Vikings.

I’ve also mentioned that part of the problem I’m having in working out the larger geography of Terrace as a whole planet is my own inner debate on what exactly Realmgard is supposed to be — whether it’s Europe or North America or a combination of both.

I think it’s inevitably going to end up serving as a combination of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern US (the Free Cities; i.e. where most of the stories have taken place so far) and most of Western Europe (everything else on the continent — Gallincantu is France and, as stated, the Sea’s Edge is Iberia).

I feel like there should be a chunk of the continent that’s going to stand in for Eastern Europe visible on that map, but I haven’t world-built that far ahead yet. So, there’ll probably be an addition to this addition to the map once I get to that point.

Now that you’ve read about a little about Realmgard (and the wider world of Terrace), if you’re interested in reading my stories set in Realmgard, you can find the first chapter of the first story here and this week’s chapter here.

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