WIP: Emblem of Capitolina

The capital city of the ancient Elven Empire, personified in the, uh, person of Capitolina.

I’ve been working on Realmgard maps (as you probably aware of if you’ve been coming by lately).

If you haven’t, here’s Gallicantu (Realmgard’s France), the Sea’s Edge (Iberia), and an expanded map of a chunk of Terrace (featuring what are essentially North Africa and Scandinavia).

Anyway, I’m currently working on Realmgard’s Italy (names still pending) and the above picture is meant to represent the capital of the Ancient Elven Empire, featuring the city personified in the, uh, person of Capitolina.

Now, technically “Capitolina” means “pertaining to the Capitoline (of the Seven Hills of Rome), but there are folk etymologies that related to the same route as “capital/capitol“, so it’s not a stretch that Capitolina can, with perfect cromulence, be parsed as something along the lines of “Woman of the Capital”.

Also, it’s my world, so it can mean whatever I say it does.

In keeping with the whole Elves-are-Romans angle, she’s got an eagle with her as a symbol of Imperial authority and she’s holding a shepherd’s crook to represent the Elves’ claim as the rightful — and totally, entirely, absolutely benevolent and trustworthy, I swear — leaders of the continent.

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