RealmgArt: A Map of Natalis

Regarded as the birthplace of civilisation in Realmgard.

In previous centuries, the nucleus of the ancient Elven Empire, Natalis is therefore regarded as the birthplace (hence the name) of civilisation in Realmgard.

While the Elves were neither the first people to settle in Realmgard nor establish a multi-ethnic state administered by a centralised government, it is true that their Empire’s dominion over most of Realmgard left an indelible mark on the development of the continent’s history, culture, and politics.

Natalis has not been unified since the final dissolution of the ancient Empire and is now divided into numerous independent, localised polities (not all pictured on this map) that maintain a convoluted network of alliances, treaties, and trade arrangements.

Natalian politics is further complicated by the neighbouring kingdoms of Gallicantu and Pelayo attempting to expand their influence into the region by exerting control over the comparatively weaker individual Natalian states.

A more detailed look at the history of Natalis and its states is forthcoming.

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