Further Consolidating the Geography of Terrace

1) The southern continent will now be known as “Arena.” 2) That’s not English for ‘arena’; it’s Latin for ‘sand.’ 3) It’s pronounced ‘a-ray-na’, not ‘a-ree-na.’

A map of Realmgard, including the island of Hrimfax to the northwest and a section of the Wandering Coast to the south.

You’ll remember, I hope, that I recently worked out enough of the world of Terrace beyond Realmgard to include the northern coast of a southern continent (as seen in the above map — which is no longer the most up-to-date version of Terrace; updated map coming soon).

Devoting time and effort to worldbuilding said southern continent has finally led me to decide on a name it. Which is definitely better than just vaguely calling it “the southern continent.”

Henceforth, the continent shall be known as “Arena”. That’s not English for “arena”, it’s Latin for “sand” (which is, however, the etymological origin for the English “arena”).

Please do note that in this context, it’s pronounced ‘a-ray-na’ not ‘a-ree-na.’

More details and a more detailed map to follow.

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