RealmgART: Further Additions to a Map of Realmgard

As promised, I have further, um, added to my additions to my map of Realmgard and neighbouring lands.

As promised, I have further, um, added to my additions to my map of Realmgard and neighbouring lands.

To explain my thought process so far, I’ve included annotations to briefly explain. Most of the details are still pending, the overall geography of Terrace is still an evolving work in progress and may (will inevitably?) change as things start making more sense.

Also, at this very preliminary stage, most of the these places don’t have names yet. And the ones that do may (will inevitably?) end up changed as I devote more consideration to this.

Anyhow, let’s let cartograph…ising(?).

  1. Hrimfax, as previously established, the place where Terrace’s vikings come from, is now in a slightly different position relative to Realmgard due to the fact that the map has been extended to include part of what as this point is the equivalent of the coast of the Baltic.
  2. What is at this point the coast of the Baltic, i.e. southern Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. I have a vague conception of where the Russia is going on that continent, but there is very little definitive about these regions at this point.
  3. The Circle Sea. Originally, this was going to be Realmgard’s equivalent of the Caribbean. That no longer works now that it occupies the geographical position between the equivalents of Southwest Europe and North Africa, which basically ends up with the Circle Sea becoming more like the Balearic Islands and/or Sardinia and Corsica — even though I already had Balearic Islands in mind; the two islands just off the coast of Pelayo are based on Menorca and Majorca.
  4. The equivalents of Sicily and Malta, included both to make the sea feel less empty, and to make travel between Realmgard and Arena (“a-ray-na”; the southern continent) and the as-yet unnamed eastern continent more plausible by establishing an obvious midpoint between them — which incidentally reflects a lot of the real world strategic importance of Malta and Sicily. As demonstrated, for example, by the 1565 Great Siege of Malta.
  5. The Wandering Coast, the north coast of Arena has been slightly expanded eastward. I am as yet undecided if that included region is part of the Egypt equivalent, but there is an Egypt somewhere in that general area.
  6. I’m leaning towards calling this region “Archipelago” (which is, incidentally, exactly what it is) and it’s basically Greece if Greece had no mainland or overland connection to the rest of Europe. The name Archipelago comes from the Ancient Greek name for the Aegean.
  7. The equivalent of Anatolia, which is going to be the heartland of Terrace’s equivalent of the Ottoman Empire. I am still undecided if the eastern continent (currently going to be the equivalent of Eastern Europe and/or Western Asia) connects to Arena in the same way real-world Eurasia is connect to Africa by the Sinai Peninsula.

There are clearly still a lot of geographical and conceptual blanks that need filling in, but I’m pretty happy with how the long, slow consolidation of Terrace’s geography is going and what I’ve got to show for it for far.

Now that you’ve read about a little about Realmgard (and the wider world of Terrace), if you’re interested in reading my stories set in Realmgard, you can find the first chapter of the first story here and this week’s chapter here.

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