RealmgART: A Sneak Peek of “Charge of the Lyte Brigade” Characters

Some quick sketches of some upcoming characters.

Realistically, it’s still going to be a bit before “Charge of the Lyte Brigade” is anywhere near ready for reading.

On the other hand, I’m at the point where I’m comfortable talking about it detail beyond “I’m working on it, I swear.”

So, here are some the characters that will be featuring in that story.

Of course, we’ve already met the Lyte Brigade. And now we have some sketches of the three major characters from the Lyte Brigade’s next adventurer.

On the left we have Wilderling archaeologist Melisa Grevling. She’s a badger, by the way, not a raccoon. Get it right.

In the middle, we have self-proclaimed fiercest and best-looking bandit in not just all Reamgard, but the whole wide world of Terrace, who enjoys looting ancient ruins in order to make himself rich.

To the right, we have Wulfbert’s sister Wulfhild, bandit and graduate of the University of Oxfjord. She also enjoys looting ancient ruins, though she appreciates them on a much deeper level than her brother.

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