I Fixed the Ocean!

Terrace’s Circle Sea, now in a geographically-suitable location!

I mentioned in my most recent map that 1) the geography was subject to change and 2) I wanted the Circle Sea to be Terrace’s Caribbean, but it was in the wrong location to do that.

And, well, I fixed that.

Up to now, I’d been focused on hashing out the geography (and to a lesser extent, the culture and politics) to Realmgard’s south (establishing that the southern continent is called Arena) and east (introducing as-yet-unnamed stand-ins for Greece, the Baltic, and Ottoman Anatolia).

This is the first major addition to the west of Realmgard. I’m a little less clear on how Terrace’s Americas equivalents are going to look like (with the possible exception that Mexico/the Aztec Empire analogue might be an island), but this does put the Circle Sea in a geographical location that it was pretty much always meant to occupy.

In this map, it looks too close to Realmgard and Arena if it’s supposed to be the Caribbean, but none of my maps so far have really been drawn to anything close to a reasonable scale or projection. Also, I’m getting the sense that Terrace has more but smaller and more clustered landmasses than Earth does.

And, for what it’s worth, the area north of the Circle Sea is going to be a whole lot less empty at some point. There is another continent there, but I haven’t given it enough though yet to add it to the map.

Stay tuned for more map developments and do please temper your expectations. It’s likely only a matter of time before another major change to the map like this occurs.

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