RealmgART: Duchess Forte

Forte isn’t necessarily the best drawing I’ve ever done with Affinity Photo, but she’s at probably at least the drawing I’ve put the most conscious aforethought into.

“Duchess Forte of Collline, the leader and light of her people.”

Previously established as one of the pre-eminent figures in the history of Natalis, I’ve talked a little about Duchy Forte of Colline in passing:

Living several centuries ago and ascending to rule of the Duchy thanks to a lack of brothers and an open-minded father choosing to name her heir, Forte proved a capable Duchess and particularly notable as a female ruler in her own right in a period where few women were afforded such opportunities and many male rulers refused to see a woman as an equal.

Encyclopedia Realmgardica, “A Brief History of Natalis, Part 2

A more fleshed-out Encyclopedia Realmgardica entry about her will be coming along soon.

For now, I wanted more to explain a few things about my process behind this drawing itself.

From the very beginning of me doing Realmgard-related drawings, I’ve said that I’m trying to do a style that replicates or at least resembles the illustrations found in Medieval or Early Modern manuscripts, and therefore look and feel that drawings that could actual exist in Realmgard (Realmgard being at more or less equivalent level technological to early 1600s Europe).

Now, I’m basically a self-taught amateur and hobbyist at every aspect of this whole thing but the writing, so it’s been a fairly slow process. I’ve only just recently discovered the different kings of brushes in Affinity Photo, the program I use for these drawings, including the ones that replicate drawing with real, physical media like ink or pencils.

This picture of Forte is my first attempt at using those brushes at a substantial level. And, obviously, this is only the very beginning of a fairly involved learning process, but I’m pleased with the results so far.

Forte isn’t necessarily the best drawing I’ve ever done with Affinity Photo, but she’s at probably at least the drawing I’ve out the most conscious aforethought into. As a result, she’s also the one who looks most like a real drawing with real media on a real canvas, rather than looking completely digital. And therefore she’s at least a decent facsimile of a real manuscript illumiation.

If you want to get into the Realmgard stories, this week’s chapter is here, and the first chapter of the first story is here.

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