The Continuation of the Beginning of the End of the Writing Process…

We’re probably at the “sooner than later” stage.

The cover of a draft of the Realmgard story "Charge of the Lyte Brigade", labelled '1th Draft'.
Yes. I’m aware that says “oneth” rather than “first”. That’s whimsy, not a mistake.

As previously stated, the first draft of Charge of the Lyte Brigade is done, and since then, I’ve got through the preliminary spelling and grammar and made a few revisions and additions.

Now, the more substantial/substantive editing is up next. That’s going to take a little while — long enough that I still can’t really suggest a definitive ETA for publication, but it’s significantly closer than it has been before and we’re probably at the “sooner than later” stage.

Again, as always, stay tuned.

Dunstana Darkstone grinning and giving a thumbs-up.
Though, full disclosure, Dunstana only cameos in this new story…

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