A Gentle Reminder, or “Buy My Books, Please.”

What? I said ‘please’…

Just a reminder that I’ve recently revised and improved the first two Realmgard books.

And, like any other good pirate, Dunstana thrives on danger and laughs in the face of death. And, like any other good big sister, Kat’s job is to keep Dunstana as far away from the face of death as humanly possible. Dunstana laughs at the face of death. Kat tends to punch it.

Fryte’s Gold, available on Amazon and Smashwords (also via Smashwords-affiliated retailers).

The field of archaeology, as Dunstana understands it, involves digging around in ancient ruins, or lost cities, or haunted mines, or other places that haven’t had people in them for hundreds and hundreds of years. That makes Uncle Jonas sort of like a pirate, only not at all like a pirate.

The Treasure of Oake Island, also available on Amazon and Smashwords (and affiliates).

You can also come by every Friday for a new chapter. And while you’re at it, tell all your friends about Realmgard, please.

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