Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Gigacrab

GIANT. Dangerous. Declared the ENEMY of all living people. A species of CRAB not with which to be trifled.

“A huge and terrifying something, crawls straight out of Jonas’ nightmares and through the hole in the floorboards, unfolding into its full form.

The closest word for it is probably crab, but it’s about fifteen times bigger than any crab he’s ever seen…”

Featured in this week’s chapter of The Treasure of Oake Island, the Gigacrab is one of the more dangerous species among the marine fauna of Realmgard.

Though Gigacrabs are not generally known to eat humans, they are commonly held as one of the most dangerous creatures in Realmgard, due to a combination of their aggression, territoriality, sheer size and near-impenetrable carapaces.

In most jurisdictions in Realmgards, Gigacrabs are legally identified as hostes omnium gentium, meaning “enemies of all people”, allowing the creatures to be freely and openly hunted.

Though large bounties are offered for the elimination of a Gigacrab, along with its carapace being valued as a building material and crafting armour and its meat being considered a delicacy, few but the bravest and most skilled adventurers in Realmgard will be able to succeed in the endeavour.

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