The New Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Estelle and Dorian Darkstone

Happily married. To the bemusement of many.

“Jonas still isn’t quite sure how Dorian, of all people, managed to marry a dignified, kind-hearted woman like Estelle Winfield.”

Estelle Darkstone (née Winfield)

“I’m not afraid of you, old lady.”
“You should be. I married a Darkstone, and I suppose I’ve picked up a few tricks.”

Age: 38
Occupation: Outfitter, Mom
Likes: Her family, business acumen
Dislikes: her family being mortally imperilled
Parents: Erasmus and Eden Winfield
Sisters: Esther, Elise, Erica, Emily, Erin, and Echo Winfield
Husband: Dorian Darkstone
Daughters: Kat(herine) and Dunstana

Lowest prices in: the Outfitting District of Porthaven
Not adverse to: having an adventure of her own every now and then
Thinks you should probably: put on a sweater, it’s getting a little chilly

Eldest daughter (of seven) of famous Porthaven-based merchant Erasmus Winfield and heir apparent to the Winfield and Sons Emporium, Estelle has spent the vast majority of her life learning the merchant’s trade and preparing herself to take over the Winfield and Sons Emporium, despite being neither a Son, nor technically even a Winfield at this point.

In recent years as Erasmus prepares to retire, Estelle has done the lion’s share of managing the Emporium and a staff consisting largely of her seven younger sister and now her elder daughter. Leadership and responsibility come naturally to Estelle thanks to extensive experience as an eldest sister and mother.

Her decision to marry a notorious pirate bewildered many of her friends, her marriage to Dorian Darkstone has proven happy and loving and has given them two daughters, Kat and Dunstana. Despite her obligations running the Emporium, Estelle always prioritises her family and home life.

Outwardly calm and dignified, Estelle will occasional allow her businesslike facade to slip, revealing her inward sense of humour and adventure. Similarly, she is fiercely protective of her loved ones and will respond to any threats with ferocity comparable to that of a mother bear and making use of everything she has learned about fighting (dirty) from her husband and his piratical associates.

Dorian Darkstone

“Don’t do anything I’d do.”

Age: 42
Occupation: pirate (retired), part-time seller of nautical bric-a-brac
Likes: grog, booty (no, not that kind; grow up), the family legacy
Dislikes: the youth, aging, that someone clearly snuck into his wardrobe and shrank all his clothes

Daughter (favourite): Dunstana
Daughter (other): Kat
Wife: Estelle
Brother: Jonas Darkstone

Circumnavigated the world of Terrace: once or time, not like it’s a big deal, or anything
Threatens his enemies with: creative punishments, eloquent to the point of convolution
Secretly very, very fond of: themed tea-cosies

Living the life of a world traveller, Admiral Dorian Darkstone has worn many hats, both metaphorical and literal: adventurer, navigator, swashbuckler, businessman, husband and father.

Even among the lengthy annals of the Brotherhood of the Coasts, Dorian’s career stands out and legendary, and he is more than happy to tell anyone with ears, regardless of their own thoughts on the matter. Dorian is particularly concerned in teaching the youth of today a thing or two, in hopes that they might just learn something useful.

Dorian’s long, frequent absences during the formative years of his elder daughter, coupled with Kat’s avowed disinterest in following him into the Darkstones’ longstanding family tradition of piracy, has created a strained, distant relationship with the two. Despite his difficulties in relating to Kat’s interests, he will not hesitate to aid his daughter in times of crisis.

On the other hand, he has an excellent relationship with his younger daughter, who has eagerly embraced the piratical profession despite being a mere ten years old.

Ultimately, it was his regrets over missing one too many of Kat’s birthdays while at sea that convinced him to leave the pirate’s life mostly behind him. Since doing so, he has managed to keep himself busy working with the Brotherhood of the Coasts and pursuing various part-time business ventures, finding novel new ways to peddle novel new maritime trinkets.

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