[Insert Clever Title Here]-tober

A scene every day in October? That’s the plan!

A jack-o-lantern in a hat.
Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

Now, I don’t pay much attention to popular Internet fads and trends, so I had no idea what an “Inktober” was until it was the basis for one of our assignments in a Creative Writing class that was part of the Professional Writing program I was in back in 2019. Basically, the Prof gave us the list of Inktober prompts and had us write poems about six of them.

Yeah, yeah. I know Inktober is supposed to be a drawing thing, but, again, it was a Writing program. Having us do poems made a lot more sense…

I bring this up because it’s Oct- and therefore Ink- tober once again. And while I don’t really care enough about popular Internet fads and trends (see above) to actually participate, I do like the idea of practicing every day for a month.

So, inspired by the whole “a drawing a day” aspect of Inktober and massaging the concept to better fit the fact that I’m primarily an author, I’ll be writing and posting a short Realmgard scene every day in October.

Some of them will probably end up being incorporated into future Realmgard stories and some of them will just be an excuse to hammer out scenes I’ve had kicking around in my brain for a while. But, overall, the whole thing will hopefully just be a good exercise in writing, um, exercises and work ethic.

Stay tuned. I’ll have the first [whatever]tober scene up later today.

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