Taking Stock of October

“Taking Stocktober,” if you will.

So, it’s November now. Which, of course, means it’s All Saints’ Day.

Fra Angelico's painting of the Saints.
While indeed a whole lot of Saints, this
is not, in fact, all of them.

The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs: Fra Angelico. via Wikipedia. Public Domain.

And which, of course, means that my October daily writing exercises have concluded. I will posting the compilation of the last week and a bit later today, followed by a page with links to all 31 stories.

I’m also probably going to do a more in-depth reflection on that within the next few days, but in brief, it was a lot of fun, in addition to being a very helpful exercise. I am, of course, so brilliantly and naturally talented that I don’t usually devote much time to practicing.

But even I have to admit that there’s something to this whole ‘practice and exercise’ thing.

In fact, October overall was pretty good to Realmgard.

If not my most successful month ever, it was certainly among the most successful months I’ve ever had. My daily writing posts got some good attention, as did my blog post about the depiction of autism in Azumanga Daioh, which was a very meaningful thing for me to write as an autistic author.

The Simpsons: Gracie Films and Disney

I don’t want to say I’ve finally made it, but it’s pretty ridiculous to see how much more successful this website is now than back when I first started.

Incidentally, buy my books, please.

And now, for the bad news, so to speak.

But first, the good news about the bad news: it’s not really that bad…

As Charge of the Lyte Brigade gets closer and closer to being ready for publication, I’m starting to realise I probably need to delay that publication.

There are no problems with Charge itself, but I’ve realise it doesn’t make much sense to publish my most recent story while I still need to publish (or, in case of Amazon, update) my previous stories.

So, basically, I’ve realised I should probably spend at least part of November working on the manuscripts of the two books that come before Charge so that all my books can go live or get updated in the proper order.

Now, the process of preparing the manuscripts is a pain, but it’s not difficult or even particularly time-consuming. Just super, duper inane and boring. Realistically, I can get that done before the end of the month.

Charge‘s publication date still TBA and it will follow as soon as possible after the other two Realmgard books have been dealt with.

The plan after Charge is for the next Realmgard story be made available as a free download. That’s still my plan, but still primarily exists in the abstract until Charge is done.

Incidentally, if anyone knows the best way to distribute free ebooks, lemme know, please.

Finally, in terms of the more immediate future, I’ve got a new recommendation I was holding off on until my daily writings were done. That’ll go up within the next few days.

Also, look forward to a brand new chapter this and every Friday.

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