WIP: The Lobster Lord

It’s a shameful thing, Lobster Lord.

A digital drawing in progress, a warrior in armour resembling a lobster.

Not necessary, but that joke in the blurb is going to make a lot more sense if you listen to this first.

Been working on this guy over the last couple days. The line art is, once again, the bane of my existence.

He’s not going to get done today — I spend most of today cleaning up the basement because we’re buying a new couch.

And my plan is still to prioritise getting the updated version of Valley of Appraisal done by the end of the weekend, so he’s probably not going to be done for a couple days, at least.

Long story short: he’s going to be another Encyclopedia Realmgardica post when it’s all said and done.

Also, if the phrase “lobster lord” sounds at all familiar, it was a bit of a meme surrounding Ryoma from Fire Emblem Fates, due to his red, segmented armour making looking vaguely lobster-like. Clearly, the locationalisation team was aware of this, because he gets called a lobster in one of his conversations with another character.

It’s not really a reference to that, so much as it is me taking the phrase “lobster lord” and running with it.

So, yeah, here’s a glimpse at the work in progress. It’ll be done when it’s done, but some other stuff’ll be done first.

Stay tuned.

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