Weekend Writing: November 27

“There’s a rat! There’s a big, gross rat!”

Like I mentioned, Realmgard’s getting put on the back burner for the next little bit as I work on a manuscript for, um, work.

That being said, I’ve had this idea on my mind for a while and doing these short scenes feels more like fun than work and don’t take very long, so here’s another little scene for your enjoyment.

At this point, I feel like I’ve got a good chunk of a story about my group of Middlesbrooke adventurers ready just from doing these little scenes.

At this point, it’s probably inevitable that Lucia, Apolline, Petra, Roland, and Alda are going to a full Realmgard story devoted to them.

“Well,” Roland says, leading Alda and the three adventurers through the battered door of the old building, “here we are.”

Lucia, Apolline, and Petra survey their surroundings.

In the face of such a dusty, derelict building that looks like it’s liable to fall over if she looks at it too hard, Lucia has to force herself to rise to the level of even cautious optimism.

“I’ve been talking to Uncle Chuck,” Roland continues happily. “When I mentioned we didn’t have a guild office, he said we could have this place. It’s been abandoned for a while, so it become the property of the Duchy. It’s a little run-down, but —”

“It’s a lot run-down,” Lucia protests.

The old building looks like it hasn’t been occupied by anything other than rats and spiders for years. And even then, it still looks like its previous occupants were doing something shady here.

“It’s a lot run-down,” Roland says, “but it’s ours now. It shouldn’t be too hard to clean up.”

“I do like a challenge,” Petra muses. “And this is certainly that.”

Roland grins proudly at the Half-Troll. “That’s the spirit!” he exclaims.

“It’s better than running our guild out of a table in the corner of a coffeehouse, I suppose,” Apolline says. “It’ll take some doing, but there’s an opportunity here. We should make the most of it. And, like Roland said, it’s ours.”

Lucia tentatively takes a step forward, the floorboards creaking underfoot in a way that does not inspire confidence.

“I swear, if I fall through this floor, my ghost is coming back to haunt you all,” she says.

“That reminds me,” Roland says. “We’ll need to check out the basement, too.” He frowns. “It’s probably in pretty rough shape.”

“Not it,” Lucia declares. She just knows there’s something down there waiting to eat them.

Suddenly, Alda shrieks and leaps into her brother’s muscular arms.

“What’s wrong?” Roland asks.

“There’s a rat!” Alda says. “There’s a big, gross rat!”

“Don’t worry,” Lucia says, tracking the large furry shadow scurrying across the floor. “I got this.”

Her furry lynx ears twitch with anticipation as she tenses her muscles and prepares to spring into action.

Lucia leaps.

“Come here, you!” she growls as she pounces, graceful and agile even in her human form.

Lucia snatches up the rat in one smooth motion, using her momentum to roll through at she hits the floor and deftly comes to a stop in the far corner of the room. She springs back to her feet.

When she turns back to her companions, the rat’s tail is protruding from her mouth.

“Oh, Lucia,” Apolline murmurs, burying her face in her hand, “you didn’t.”

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Roland groans.

“That was, uh, excellent form on your pounce, Lucia,” Petra notes, a slight green hue rising in her blue features.

Lucia stares gravely at her companions and throws her arms up indignantly to see their reactions.

“What?” she asks defensively through a mouthful of rat. “I’m a cat!

“That was awesome!” Alda exclaims.

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