Quick Thoughts on Cinematic Pirates

I recently rewatched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

So, I’ve got nothing to post today. Mostly, I’m pretty much between Realmgard-related stuff and getting towards at least the end of the middle of the manuscript I’ve been working on for work, which I think will be done by the end of the week.

After that, I’m going to get the revised Forward, the Lyte Brigade up on Amazon and Smashwords. However, I don’t except much is going to happen with Charge of the Lyte Brigade until after Christmas.

But what has happened is that I recently rewatched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They’re probably well-known enough that they don’t need a recommendation from me going to bat for them.

In brief, Curse of the Black Pearl is probably the only one that’s an unqualified success.

After that, they all feel like “Johnny Depp does something silly the movie”, an approach that I will concede has kinda aged poorly, given Johnny Depp’s recent legal troubles.

That being said, I did like Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End more this time around than I remember liking them when I first saw them. As a quick aside: Dead Man’s Chest made a billion dollars at the box office, back at a time when it wasn’t inevitable that a big-budget movie would make a billion dollars.

On Stranger Tides is pretty solid on paper, owing, perhaps, do the fact that Disney based the story on a book. In execution, it’s at least adequate and gets some major points from me for the casting of Ian McShane as Blackbeard, who’s magic for reasons that are never quite entirely explained.

The script’s not great, but at least everyone is giving it their all to get the most out of it.

Dead Men Tell No Tales is a mess, but it’s at least an enjoyable mess. And is also saved by pretty solid casting. Though I do find it funny that a movie called Dead Men Tell No Tales does have the undead villain regale us with his backstory at length.

I guess they’re taking The Simpsons‘ approach and the fact that dead men tell not tales means he’s allowed to tell one.

So, there you have it: five movies, maybe the equivalent of two-and-a-bit good ones, but with good enough casting and performances that even the bad ones aren’t completely without merit.

Incidentally, I’ve got more recommendations here.

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