RealmgART: A Study in Vampires

Once again: Bleh!

You’ll remember, of course, that one of my October (which already feels like eight years ago…) writing exercises featured a Vampire.

Now, more or less, we can say that Vampires exist in Realmgard, I’m just working out some of the exact details. And once I do, you can except an Encyclopedia Realmgardica entry about them.

In the meantime, here’s a preliminary drawing of a Realmgard-style Vampire, that I’m assuming is Alessia di Racula (still can’t decide if that name is brilliant or terrible) from the scene I wrote in October.

Notably, this is my first drawing done while borrowing the digital drawing tablet my brother uses for school. It didn’t necessarily either make the process easier, or give me a drawing that’s appreciably better than what I can do by hand, but I think I large part of that is lack of practice.

I asked for the same kind of tablet for Christmas/my birthday and I’m hoping that if I get one, I can get some good practice in and significantly improve either the quality of efficiency of my RealmgArt

In the meantime: Bleh!

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