New Year’s Day 2022

Should auld acquaintance… something, something.

Art by Cole McMullin — Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.

Now, 2021 was a bit of a blur, but, hey, it’s over now.

But, like, with a year instead of Bolivian tree lizards…
The Simpsons: Disney and Gracie Films.

2021 wasn’t a great year by most metrics. It was, however, Realmgard’s best year so far. So it wasn’t a complete wash for me…

And so, as we kick 2021 to the curb, here’s to 2022. Hopefully a much, much better year for all concerned.

And Realmgard will be right there with you, coming to you with a steady stream of art, character bios, worldbuilding and a new chapter every Friday.

Thank you all so, so much for you ongoing support and interest in Realmgard!

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