A Reminder: My Recommendation of Rune Soldier

After a slow couple days, here’s a shameless plug of one of my old posts.

I kinda hate to do this, and I do wish I had something more meaningful to post, especially after a few days of largely being quite, but I’ve am an awkward point right now where I don’t really have anything to post.

So, here’s a gentle reminder to check out my recommendation of the anime Rune Soldier.

I think there’s a lot of common ground between Rune Soldier and Realmgard, to the point that Rune Soldier is a major inspiration for one of my groups of Realmgard characters:

Rune Soldier: J.C. Staff and ADV Films.

To paraphrase myself:

Rune Soldier could probably be described as Lodoss War and Slayers’ dumb younger cousin.

Or, more relevantly to me: Lodoss War, but it’s Realmgard.

Seriously, Rune Soldier is probably the closest thing we’re ever going to get to somebody else doing Realmgard.

Paraphrased from here.

So, essentially, we’ve got some silly Fantasy adventures.

Sound familiar?

And, yeah, if you’d like to remind yourself of what I had to say about Rune Soldier, check out my recommendation here:

And the rest of my recommendations are here.

Again, sorry that I don’t have anything significant to post. But here’s this to prove that I haven’t mysteriously fallen off the face of the earth…

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