RealmgART: Preliminary Sketch of Lucia [Last Name Pending]

Mostly, a success from the neck up.

Lucia, a lynx-woman sitting at a table and looking sad.

Now, Lucia should sound familiar, because my Middlesbrooke characters have been getting posted a lot lately:

Here, for example.

This is my first, pretty quick, attempt at drawing Lucia. I started with her because she’s been the most prominent Middlesbrooke character. And also, I haven’t really decided what Apolline and Petra look like yet.

Well, beyond “Falcata, but blue” for Petra…

Mostly, she’s a success from the neck up.

I think her head’s too big for the rest of her and I couldn’t quite figure out how to get the pose right. I think I need one of those artist mannequins, or at least an action figure with articulated limbs…

Also, one of the things that always confuses me with animal-people like Realmgard Wilderlings is whether or not they have people ears and animal ears, or just animal ears. I think it largely depends on who’s drawing them.

Anyway, I’ve got more art here.

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