Several Recommendations: Assorted Transforming Super Teams

A show cobbled together from Japanese footage, actual Sailor Moon and CanCon Sailor Moon!

I’ve been redoing and consolidating my recommendation posts for a little while now. The page with all of them is here.

And, like we’ve established, I don’t have much to post lately. So I hope you all like me plugging some of my old recommendations.

On the plus side, these three have a fairly logical connection in that they’re all about teams of transforming heroes.

Several people doing that thing where you all stack your hands on everyone else's hands.
So, this, but super.

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And if you’ve missed out on them the first time, here’s your chance to check them out.

First, we’ve got Power Rangers, which has managed to get almost 30 years and billions of dollars out of repurposed stock footage from a Japanese superhero show.

I think that the production has realised from the very beginning that they’re making a cheesy, low-budget adaptation of an original series that is itself pretty cheesy and low-budget and decided to deliberately lean into the inherent ridiculousness of the whole endeavour

You can read my whole recommendation here:

Next, we’ve got one of the most famous animes of all time in Sailor Moon.

Sure, it may have never become the quite frankly alarmingly popular phenomenon that Pokémon is, but at this point, Sailor Moon is pretty much synonymous with the Magical Girl genre.

Especially among my age bracket. Which, as far as you’re concerned is 25-year-olds and always will be…

My full recommendation is here:

Finally, we’ve got me going to bat for some CanCon in the form of Mysticons — which is basically best described as either “animated Power Rangers” or “CanCon Sailor Moon.”

The basic premise of Mysticons is pretty straightforward — and, to be fully honest, something we’ve already seen a hundred times before (that’s not necessarily a bad thing). They’re a team of transforming superheroes that fight bad guys and learn valuable life lessons each episode.

And, ultimately, Mysticons deserves a shout-out from me because CanCon’s gotta stick together. Much like good waffles.

The full recommendation is here:

On the plus side, I’ll be posting a new chapter of The Valley of Appraisal tomorrow, so look forward to that.

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