31 Short Stories About Realmgard:

Bad News: Today was a wash.
Good News: Hoping to write every day in February.

Again, I hate that all I have for you today is essentially just a repost, but I’ve spent most of the day with a migraine that has left me feeling at various points that my brain is somewhere between Vladivostok and Jupiter.

A picture of the Moon.
This skews closer to “Vladivostok” than “Jupiter” by a factor of, oh, “Most of the Solar System”,
but it’s the best picture I could find…

Photo by Leonardo Guedes on Pexels.com

On the other hand, I’ll probably be doing another month-long writing thing in February. So, in anticipation of that, here’s the results of the month-long writing exercise I did this past October:

Hopefully, I’ll have something meaningful for you tomorrow and February will go as well as October did.

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