A Timely Reminder

New Fire Emblem Warriors! The perfect time to talk about old Fire Emblems and Warriors Games.

Honestly, I just wanted to write a post that wasn’t one of the my February daily writing exercises. Luckily, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct gave me an excuse to do that.

The very first announcement was this:

A reveal which managed to basically anger just about everyone by dint of being either a Fire Emblem game in the first place, or a Warriors spin-off to the game that ruined the entire series (which is apparently any of them since Awakening).

As for me, I’m stoked. Three Houses is my favourite Fire Emblem, Edelgard is a babe one of my favourite characters in the series.

Anna from Fire Emblem Three Houses, surrounded by a heart.
Anna, however, remains the indisputable Best Girl.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses:
Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Nintendo.
Image via Fire Emblem Wiki.

And I love the Warriors games, be they Dynasty, Samurai, Hyrule or Miscellaneous

In brief, Fire Emblem Warirors is probably one of the weaker Warriors games and probably the worst of the Nintendo-themed ones. However, it’s at least competent and worth playing of you’re a fan of either the broader Fire Emblem or Warriors series…es. I think it’s also the first Fire Emblem game to be fully-voiced.

Anyway, I’m excited for Three Hopes because it looks like it’s shaping up to be Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors what Age of Calamity is to Breath of the Wild and the original Hyrule Warriors.

So, now we’ve got something to look forward to in June. In the meantime, I’m presented with the perfect opportunity to remind you…

N-no. Not, uh, not like that…

… that I’ve already posted about Fire Emblem and the Warriors games. So, allow me to re-recommend them — “re-commend” them, if you will.

Yes I’m aware I’ve made that joke several times now. But it’s a good one.


Here’s an excerpt of my thoughts on Fire Emblem, particularly Three Houses, which is most relevant:

Three Houses is a masterpiece.

The gameplay is probably the best and purest distillation of the traditions of the series, combining elements from both the older and newer games. The story, like in Fates, is divided into multiple routes, but delivered in a single game, plus a DLC side-story, which is unconnected to the main game, but not without charms of its own — each level of the DLC has a pretty complicated gimmick that makes the whole thing of a pain, but it’s worth playing at least once (if only for the benefits it unlocks in the main story) and culminates in a pretty cool boss fight.

Overall, the story of Three Houses is probably the most intelligent and mature a Fire Emblem story has ever been. The simplest way to describe it is that it’s Fire Emblem‘s version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

And here’s the link to full thing:

And here’s the opening of my Warriors recommendation:

Now, if I could summarise the Warriors games, it would be “ludicrously violent”.

By that, I don’t mean that the violence is especially graphic or lurid — by the standards of modern video games, it’s downright tame. What I mean is literally that the nature of the violence is itself ludicrous: you press a button, your character slams his sword into the ground, which causes an explosion that sends eight people flying.

And here’s the full recommendation:

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