Writing Every Day in February: Day 13

Big Pirate, Little Pirate. A surefire recipe for hilarity.

I really need to get Myra another opportunity to get involved in a full-length Realmgard story. She’s a really fun character to write.

On the one hand, her dynamic with Dunstana does maybe cleave a little too close Kat’s. On the other hand, I think having a proper pirate’s POV towards a manic little girl pirate’s antics does give a lot to work with.

Like, seriously, buddy cops, but they’re pirate (and also, one’s a kid)? I’d like my Nobel Prize in cash, please.

Myra is realising that it was a mistake to volunteer for the Brotherhood of the Coasts’ mentorship program.

As a fairly new pirate herself, she understands the benefits of having an experienced mentor to help guide your piratical career. She wishes she’d had someone like that in the early days of her career. Signing up as a mentor had seemed obvious.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. A way to both help out a younger member of the Brotherhood and maybe increase her own visibility among the pirates of the Brotherhood of the Coasts.

Clearly, Myra was too naively idealistic and optimistic about the whole thing. The cold, hard truth of the situation is coming crashing down and her. Myra has found herself mentoring the one novice pirate in the entire Brotherhood she wants nothing to do with.

With an silent, inward shiver, Myra reaches for the door of Darkstone Manor and knocks.

Dunstana’s face lights up as she opens the door.

“Hey. You,” Myra murmurs. “I’m here to be your mentor. So, uh, let’s get this over with.”

“Mycroft!” Dunstana exclaims giddily. “This is great! I bet you’re going to be the best mentor ever!”

“My name is Myra,” the older pirate mutters.

“I’m not good at names, okay?” Dunstana says. “I got the My- part right!”

Myra groans.

“So, hey,” Dunstana asks. “What does a mentor do?

“Well, they… mentor people. You know, younger people. In need of mentoring…ship. Programs.” Myra answers.

“Annie says you can’t use the word you’re trying to explain when you’re explaining the word,” Dunstana mutters.

Myra groans. “Look, I’m here to help you learn how to be a pirate,” she says. “If you don’t want my help, I’ll leave.”

“I already know how to be a pirate,” Dunstana notes. “I mean, hey, I’m the one who got the treasure on Oake Island.”

Myra turns towards the door. “Right, I’ll be on my way, then.”

Dunstana grabs her sleeve. “No! Don’t go! You’re the only grown-up pirate who doesn’t just treat me like a kid!”

Myra hesitates on the threshold. She wars with herself about making an exception for this particular kid, but cruelly smashing a child’s dreams does seem like a pretty gutless move.

“If you mentor me, I’ll get you my dad’s autograph!” Dunstana offers. “I’ll get you twelve autographs! And one of his hats!”

Myra has always wanted Dorian Darkstone’s autograph.

She rolls her eyes. “Fine.”

Dunstana looks up at her expectantly. “Where do we start?”

Myra doesn’t actually know. Maybe she should have got somebody to mentor her about mentoring first…

“Let’s, uh, let’s go introduce you to my crew,” Myra offers. “You’re at least a better pirate than any of them. Maybe they could learn something from you.”

“Cool!” Dunstana exclaims. “Mom! Dad!” she calls over her shoulder. “I’m going to go hang out with Ma… Mi… Mo… my pirate mentor!”

Myra,” the older pirate says.

“This is going to be so much fun, Mona!”

Myra groans.

She looks down at the younger pirate. “Are you still mad about something I did on Oake Island? You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

“Doing what?” Dunstana asks, blinking innocently up at the older pirate.

Sidebar: I got lucky with that header image. Stock photos can be kind of (or very) hit or miss, especially when you’re looking for something specific, but that picture’s actually a pretty decent approximation of Myra.

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