RealmgART: A (very) Rough Sketch of the Three Ladies of Middlesbrooke

A quick first attempt at all three of my Middlesbrooke characters, together at last.

A sketch of three Realmgard characters: Petra, Lucia, and Apolline

Following up on the three individual sketches, here’s my first preliminary attempt at a group shot of the Three Ladies of Middlesbrooke.

I’m content with how this turned out, especially considering its primary function to serve as a reference for better future versions of the same thing. And it’s definitely a better version of Lucia.

For reference, the face Lucia is making is supposed to be a cheek puffed up in frustration. I’ve seen it a lot in anime — it’s apparently the default anime way to draw a pout — but I don’t know if there’s a proper name for it. But I digress.

Also, Petra’s positioning is supposed to imply that she’s too tall to fit on the stool, but I don’t think the proportions of the picture let that pan out. But it’s sufficient for a sketch that’s so quick and rough.

Not a lot to say about Apolline other than that hands are hard…

I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with these three, both visually and story…ily.

Stay tuned.

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