RealmgART: Preliminary Sketch of Apolline

I think her arm is too long, but otherwise, this is probably one of my best character sketches to date.

A sketch of Realmgard character Apolline: a woman in a red and white dress thoughtfully looking at a flask of green liquid.

Rounding out my drawings of the Three Ladies of Middlesbrooke, here’s Apolline, our favourite Aurorean sorceress.

Apolline took me the longest to draw, because she’s the one I had the least clear mental image of — perhaps not surprising; for Lucia and Petra, I at least had “is a lynx” and “is blue” to work from.

Even ultimately deciding on “long hair” as her main physical trait was basically a coin toss.

Honestly, the one thing I really wanted for her was a hat of some kind. Hence, her beret.

Also, the fact that she’s wearing red and white is a reference to the fact that Aurora is the Realmgard equivalent of Canada.

A Canada flag with a forest and mountains in the background.
Photo by Daniel Joseph Petty on

Also, I was going for “thoughtful”, I think I ended up with “angry”…

All in all, I’m still fundamentally an amateur at drawing, but I’m definitely getting better at the process.

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