Fryte’s Gold Chapter 1: Instagram Version

A post for the benefit of my Instagram followers, posted for the benefit of my blog readers.

As of yesterday, I’m taking part in a book giveaway. Specifically this one:

Promotional material for the Strong Women of Fantasy and Sci Fi giveaway.
Please be aware the giveaway is only open to US residents.

Thanks to that, I’ve been getting a lot of new Facebook and Instagram followers. For the benefit of those new follows, I posted to first chapter of Fryte’s Gold to my Instagram page.

And now, for the benefit of all my blog readers, here’s that very same post:

If you’re interested in that giveaway (again, US residents only), you can check that out here.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following me, whether that be by Facebook, Instagram, my email list, or this blog.

And if you’re interested in more Realmgard, my full-length stories are here, a couple months’ worth of daily writing short scenes are here, and my social media pages and email list are here:

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