Coming Soon: Charge of the Lyte Brigade

The much-delayed next Lyte Brigade story, going live soon!

Two badgers acting as heraldic supporters of the Lyte Brigade shield.

I’ve finally got my badgers serviceable for the cover of Charge of the Lyte Brigade. Which means the much-delayed (yeah, uh, sorry about that…) next Lyte Brigade story is going live soon.

Expect a preview chapter within the next couple days

Now that the centrepiece of the cover is ready, there really isn’t that much work left to get it ready to publication Smashwords and Amazon.

And before the end of the year, you’ll be able to read it (along with all my other stories) for free, right here —

Dunstana Darkstone, giving a thumbs-up.

— on!

In other news, a reminder of the giveaway I’m participating in.

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