RealmgART: Wulfbert the Handsome

Realmgard’s best & most handsome bandit and the villain of “Charge of the Lyte Brigade.”

Continuing to hype up Charge of the Lyte Brigade (available next Monday, March 21) with some more art.

Previously, we got a look at Melisa Grevling.

A portrait of Melisa Grevling from "Charge of the Lyte Brigade."
And here she is again.
She’s a badger.

Now, here’s a picture of Wulfbert the Handsome, self-proclaimed fiercest and best-looking bandit in not just all Realmgard, but the whole wide world of Terrace.

A picture of Wulfbert the Handsome from "Charge of the Lyte Brigade."
Clearly, 12 000% implicitly trustworthy and not the sort of man to stab you in the back either metaphorically or literally. And, yes, his armour has a twelve-pack.

Much like the picture of Melisa, this is basically an improvement on the first version of the character by every possible metric. Hands are still a struggle, but I’m quite pleased with myself for coming up with a good way to draw stubble.

The cover of "Charge of the Lyte Brigade."

To reiterate, Charge of the Lyte Brigade is up for preorder and going live on March 21.

You can preorder on Smashwords here, and on Amazon Canada here.

Other Amazon links to follow.

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