RealmgART: Wulfhild

Graduate of the University of Oxfjord. Won’t let you forget it.

In preparation for the release of Charge of the Lyte Brigade, we’ve already been introduced to Melisa and Wulfbert.

Yeah. Them.

And now, here’s Wulfbert’s sister and literal partner in crime: the treasure and relentlessly vocal University of Oxfjord graduate Wulfhild (hence, the emblem on her shirt).

This picture is also an improvement over the first attempt, but I still can’t figure out the braid, plus I think her head is too big for her body, plus hands are still a pain to draw, but I do like the huge eye through the magnifying glass, even though I think it’s probably positioned wrong…

Also, Charge of the Lyte Brigade is showing up on American Amazon now:

I can’t actually tell if the pre-orders are open, though, because you can’t buy ebooks on American Amazon when you’re in Canada.

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