Tomorrow: Charge of the Lyte Brigade

New book tomorrow.

The cover of "Charge of the Lyte Brigade."

A quick reminder that Charge of the Lyte Brigade is going live tomorrow.

It’s going to be good one, I swear. But don’t take my word for it.

Take, uh, my word it:

As bandits plunder ancient ruins on the outskirts of Porthaven, Professor of Archaeology Melisa Grevling looks for help to teach these bandits a lesson. Luckily for our favourite badger-woman academic, the Lyte Brigade is here to help!

Under the relentlessly optimistic leadership of their Captain Nolan Lyte, the Lyte Brigade prepares for their first real adventure as a group. Nolan, Matilda, Amara, Pela, Falcata, and Tancred are ready to prove themselves as the best guild in Porthaven. Although they lack experience, they abound in heart and they’re ready to show the world what the Lyte Brigade can do!

The long-awaited sequel to Forward, the Lyte Brigade is here at last in this all-new Realmgard story!

Available on Amazon (Canada, US) and Smashwords. A paperback version is coming soon to Amazon.

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